Worthy Is The Lamb

This is Easter Holy Week and we Christians are so very grateful. If you are not having a grateful day and you don’t intimately know our Jesus, I would like to share what I am thinking this day.

Jesus, a man whose body was as real as my husband’s who stands beside me, was known in the area of Jerusalem for His miraculous works. He raised Lazarus from the dead, walked on water and fed thousands of people with a loaf of bread and two fish. He changed wine into water, made blind men to see and he healed the lepers from the leper colony. The people of Jerusalem knew him for his miracles and His wise teachings. There was none that did not know Him or of Him.  Here’s my take on the old story…

Jerusalem, during Jesus’s time, had a population of approximately 90,000 people it is assumed by scholars.  Imagine walking into Walmart and not seeing someone you know here in our city of about half that number. I even recognize people I know at the Sam’s Club in Columbia which is about twice the size of our town, maybe 90,000 people.

We have doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, and EMS personnel that perform what some call miracles here in Jefferson City, Missouri. There are people honored for their good works and deeds in giving to the poor and needy. It is quite notable in many cases, the good that our citizens have done for their fellow man.

But this man Jesus was loved by a few and hated by many despite His good works and deeds. This hate was because of the rulers of the day, because of religious dissension, because of jealousy and even because He was from Galilee.

Oh my! What comparisons we could make here; but there I’d digress….I’d say a bunch so I won’t.

In my wildest imagination I can’t think that I would not want to see a man in our town who raised someone from the dead or made a blind man see and healed a leper with the touch of his hands, but who also had the composure and countenance of a very wise and kind person (he has very kind eyes, I heard) who people could not help but follow. He was a leader, not from a need to control, but from confidence in Who He was. He was a leader destined to do great and mighty things and did not feel the need for posturing in front of other leaders. I bet we’d want to follow him. We follow many a charismatic man today, don’t we?

But some would dare to sit at the dinner table and talk about what a hoax miracles are and relax in the evening with the news on television, watching and laughing about what magic people can do these days with lights and mirrors and cameras. They could comment on how they had a little box of magic tricks when they were a kid, but with technology these days; well, anything is possible after all.

It could be my neighbor negating the miracles. It could be someone in my own household. It’s hard to imagine that people living and seeing with their own eyes were in denial that Jesus was the true Messiah that they had been expecting. Were they living under a rock?

Could we today, in our puny imaginations, deny that things are the same; people just live under a rock? Do we think that without technology, lights and mirrors and cameras, that Jesus used magic to perform miracles? Could we think that the creation of the Heavens and the Earth just blossomed into being and  organisms sprang to life, molecules just existed and combusted into –what?…. more MIRACLES? But there I do digress.

I am just that narrow minded, I suppose. One Way, One Truth, One Life. Jesus.The Son of  our living God who was crucified by those who reviled him. And miracle of miracles He rose again the third day. Hell could not hold a sinless man. When Jesus died the pathway into God’s throne room was bridged. For anyone saved by the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus, we are invited into the Holiest of Holies.

I just thank God He blessed me with eyes and ears that see and hear truth and a heart that believes that anyone worthy of worship, honor and praise would BE the King, and would love BIG enough that He would make a way for His finest and most complex creation to come home to be with Him again forever.

I worship Jesus because He IS living and He says to Satan, again and again, “pass over my loved one’s home.” For me it’s a Passover day every day so far.

And when my home is not passed over, it will not be because of any Satan, any violent criminal, or any corrupt leader. It will be because My Father has called me home. And Hallelujah I say.

Worthy Is The Lamb. HE LIVES. I am so very grateful.

Be Blessed.

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