Of Whiners and Worshippers

 God knows my frame, He knows what I can bear. In all my 35 years of being His, He has seen when my pain is too much. He has been merciful and kind.  He is faithful and His compassions fail not. They are new every morning.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)

When I wake, sometimes I lay in bed before I rise and ask why another day. I sometimes think, tomorrow I will not do this same thing. I can’t, I think.

But, as a parent prompts their children to get out of bed to get ready for school, He prompts me to get up and run the race set before me, again. It is not over yet.

Burnout affects all of us at some point if we are called to work outside of our comfort zone. And most of us are. Many are called to work much harder than I. And in poor health, sometimes they are working. Their work is to feel their failing body parts cease to function, one by one until God takes them home. They call out to Jehova-Raah, their Shepherd. How dare I whine.

These days I don’t think that it is my pain that is so great. I must confess that I am whining at what is also my greatest blessing. He has trusted me with such a great responsibility.

He has actually chosen me. What an honor. It is not as if He has given me a lowly job.

Who am I to refuse my most High God? And who am I to question His faith in my ability to do this task? He is Jehova Shammah- the Lord who is there in all my circumstances.

To be honest, when I am tired of the race, what I question is whether I am hindering His purpose for me in the ways I handle the job. Then I remember the fight with the Leviathan, the mighty river monster whom we cannot defeat. (Job 41). But God can and God will, God the Almighty and His purpose will not be thwarted. (Job 42:2)

Not even by me. My attitude is deplorable when I get tired of the race. But my Lord is worthy of great worship. He trusts me and He is there with grace and mercy that is new every morning–Yes every morning- to get me through another day.  I am grateful.

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