Sad girl

I’ve tried to reach you, day and night. I’ve tried to draw you into my arms—yet you resist.

How stubborn and prideful you are, my dear one, to think my words do not apply to you.

Understand, beloved, that I am not a figment of someone’s imagination. I was born, I died, I rose.

The reason was to bring you beauty for ashes. And I mean YOU.

The regret, the shame, the heartsickness that you feel because of the way you have lived, the lawlessness that has caught up to you, the people you have broken, the things once precious, lost: these very things are the reason I am here for you. I don’t want you to hurt any longer.

I want to fix this. Come let us reason together.

My Father, God, sent me to be a blood sacrifice, a way to fix all this chaos, sin and pain. In the olden days, God required a lamb to be sacrificed for the sins of the people so that those in broken relationship with Him could be restored to right relationship with Him again. But it didn’t work permanently—people do sin again, it is inevitable no matter how “good” they try to be. Even their thoughts are sinful.

So YOU, my dear one, are certainly not alone in your condition. But YOU are the one I am writing this letter to.

I do love YOU.

I gladly became the sacrificial lamb so that you could know our Father God personally. My blood, if you would accept the gift of it, would make you white as snow. The bundle of broken laws, relationships, good things lost, they can be forgiven AND restored.

See, sit here while we talk. Feel the scars in my hands and my feet. It’s okay. Feel them.

Look into my eyes now: I want you to know that if YOU were the only sinner on earth, I would have gladly let my blood flow for you alone.

I want the bundle of things that hurt you so badly now to just be gone. To leave you with acceptance that you are loved regardless of what you have done in the past. Don’t try to spell it all out for me. I already know what you’ve done—And I forgive you. Most of all our Father, God forgives you because the tears that you are crying are tears of repentance. Your heart is crying out while you mumble the words—“please forgive me for not believing.”

But look, dear one, look into my eyes again and believe me—your sins have been washed away and you are clean and white as snow. And nothing can come between our relationships now that will change what has been done if you have accepted the gift of My sacrifice.

Father God has adopted you into the kingdom of Heaven where right relationships live. A child of God will not be forsaken– ever.

Mistakes can be made, but good fathers do not banish their children from home forever, and our Father God would never do so after you have accepted my sacrifice. Bad choices make communications tense and uncomfortable. Consequences will follow but never will Our Father forsake us. You are justified and sanctified by my blood.

He promises beauty for ashes, for the hearts and hurts given over in this deal we have made. He gives me, Jesus, to you. You give Him your life, just as you are. He cleans you up and through His Spirit teaches you things you never knew applied to YOU specifically.

You can feel great joy despite loss. You can be restored to right relationship with those people you disappointed. You can feel peace where anxiety once lived. And these are promises for here and now. Not some day –but—here and now, where you feel hopelessness. You get beauty for ashes. Peace for tears of repentance.

Come now to Me and feel hope and peace and the greatest love—not to the moon and back love; but unimaginable  heart healing love.



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