Joy—Well, enough about my family!

My heart is singing! It’s almost two in the morning and I can’t sleep. I am so excited that I have to share.

My God has not forsaken me! How very awesome is that? It is -in the word of the day—EPIC.

People who don’t know Him personally can’t understand where I’m coming from. Please seek Him, people. You don’t know what you are missing if you’ve got a knowledge of His love but not a personal relationship where you have felt His touch on you.

Imagine a very, very, sick, preemie newborn baby in the neonatal nursery, struggling for life for weeks, before you are allowed in to hold it. It is hooked up to tubes and machines and laying in a plastic bassinet. Under warm light without even the comfort of a blanket. Because of his or her fragile cling to life, the babe can’t be held until some far future date when he or she is strong enough to be picked up and cradled in a blanket and fed at its mother’s breast. Then finally the day comes and Mom holds him or her for the first time.

I’m not talking here about how Mom feels when she finally gets to hold the baby. I’m talking about the way the baby feels. Finally the real touch of love and comfort.  Snuggling warmth of human against human, comfort of arms holding close, beating of two hearts together, after all the time the babe had spent in a stark, harsh and synthetic environment.

God’s touch is like that. You’ll know it when you feel it. Nothing this world offers can compare.

This is what I mean when I say I am just awed that I have had this experience. And I’m not any more loved by Him than any other living human being. Sinners or saved alike. He wants us to come to Him and know Him that intimately.

Who am I that the creator of all heaven and earth, would reach down and touch me again. And again. I am so unworthy.

Now my heart is so full of gratitude because I am feeling His love envelope me again. I can’t wipe the smile off my face as the tears stream down my cheeks. He keeps reaffirming that I, yes ME– I AM HIS.

And here’s the thing—I want everyone I love to know this same love. I want people I don’t like and people I don’t even know, to know this same love.

Can I reach out and touch you? Can I hold you and let this awesomeness seep from my body into yours? If the transfer of this feeling by exosmosis, were possible, I would bear hug everyone I could get to. But that’s not the way it’s done. I have to tell you about it and YOU have to go get it. Seek and you shall find Him. It is very true.

Comfort, peace and love. Be Blessed.

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2 Responses to Joy—Well, enough about my family!

  1. retiredday says:

    Thank you for reblogging “Interesting Times”. I have read two of your pieces here and was moved to tears in both cases. Your writing simply, clearly and warmly expresses the genuine loving faith described in Matthew 22:37: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” It’s a beautiful thing. Keep writing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! Awesome! EPIC!!

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