Joy- Feeling JOY!

Love for real—

God loves me. Hallelujah—He will never forsake me even though I offend Him; like having presumed to know His thoughts about me and assuming He didn’t care or wasn’t listening.

But because I’d reached hopelessness and remembered His promise to seek and find, what I found is that He was always there. Like the poem about the footprints in the sand. He carried me until I finally “got it”.

He spoke to me again. I’m not special, I know. I’m just seeking and finding (hearing).

I don’t know why He was so quiet for so long. I can imagine though, like times when my grandchildren come to me hurting, and questioning why, I have no answers that would make sense to them until they mature. Tears are an emotional release. How long will Grandma’s arms be enough? I don’t know. I pray they will remember the scripture about God’s love written on their hearts when Grandma is not available.

God’s not telling me the circumstances will change. But I have some peace about it that I didn’t have yesterday. I’m not fearful of Jill’s level of hopelessness today. That woman is strong enough to endure homelessness, hunger for days, being cheated on and being hurt to the quick. Maybe it is her defiance of defeat that keeps her alive. LOL

Seriously, thank you so very much for all the prayers offered up on her behalf, and on mine.  The answer for peace came quickly.

Funny story about Jill. My mother was babysitting while I worked one day when Jill was only 4 years old or so. Jill and her 3 year old sister got into some mischief and Mom made them sit on the bed in time out. Sissy was properly sorry for her deed. Jill was totally defiant and mouthy. Mom paddled her bottom and put her in the corner then. She still came out totally defiant. —Mom told this story many times over the years as it happened repeatedly.

Back to my joy—when I awoke this morning my immediate thought was God’s message in Hosea. God wanted Hosea to forgive his promiscuous wife and bring her back to himself, just as God forgives and brings Israel back to Himself in scripture. Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven- the love is unconditional.

So Hosea must have been one of those men that didn’t just love his wife, he was IN LOVE with his wife. While there are many unions that survive unfaithfulness, I doubt that many can have true forgiveness and absence of resentment unless the love is for real. So here is the application to my circumstance:

It’s unfortunate, but you can truly love someone and hurt them. It is said so often that –if that person really loved them/him/her, then they would do such and so and not do this and that. They would stop whatever action is hurting the one they love. We are so judgmental of others thinking we have the right to be.

I truly love many people and fall short of doing the right thing or the thing that is in their best interest. I am only human. I say hurtful things when I’m angry. I get self-centered when I am tired but should be putting forth more effort to meet someone else’s need. I should honor God at all times with the right attitude and actions, but I don’t.

When we accept that Jesus was sent as a sacrifice for our sins and genuinely ask forgiveness, this makes us righteous in God’s eyes. Righteousness. WE ARE righteous. I will remember to wear the breastplate of righteousness so that the daggers of my enemy do not reach my heart and make me forget I’m a child of the King.

How much more can He love us? JOY despite circumstance is what I’m feeling today.

Psalms 37:39

“But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord, He is their strength in the time of trouble.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thank our Lord God for giving you your beautiful gift of glorifying Him with your writing. Keep up the good work! It’s not only uplifting for you but also for those that read it.

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